MiserBot makes it easy for your team to know what’s going on with your AWS cost. It helps you save money and it keeps your team productive.

Easy AWS Cost Management for your team

Stays on top of your AWS cost

MiserBot tells you how much your AWS cloud is costing you, today - before it's too late to correct anything.

It finds the top services and usage types that are driving your AWS cost up.

Remember that m4.10xlarge? You will in your next AWS bill (unless you’re using MiserBot).

Drills-down on your AWS cost

Finds expensive AWS resources

Find cost anomalies, get peace of mind and avoid bad billing surprises at the end of the month!


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How do I install MiserBot?

There are two steps: 1)Add to Slack, and 2)Grant AWS permissions.

You can add to Slack by clicking on the button below. Once that step is completed, go to your Slack channel and click on the link that takes you to the AWS CloudFormation console and follow the 3-step wizard to grant AWS permissions to MiserBot. That’s it!

How much does it cost?

During the Private Release period, MiserBot is FREE. After that, MiserBot will have a monthly fee. But don’t worry, if you install MiserBot now you will enjoy it for free even after the Private Release period ends!

How does it work?

MiserBot analyzes your AWS Cost and Usage reports, which contain detailed information about your AWS spend for the month. Every time a new AWS Cost and Usage report is ready, MiserBot knows about it, analyzes the data and notifies your channel in Slack. This happens approximately once per day, as soon as a new report is ready you’ll get a message from MiserBot within a few minutes.

MiserBot understands natural language. Once you complete the installation steps, you can type instructions such as: get total cost, get cost by service, get cost by usage, get cost by resource. Or you can click on the Slack interactive message buttons. You can also type ‘help

What is it that MiserBot can do on my AWS account?

When you install MiserBot, you create a CloudFormation stack. This stack creates an IAM Role, which gives Concurrency Labs (the MiserBot makers) read-only permissions to your AWS account. This IAM role also allows Concurrency Labs to create and update Cost and Usage reports in your AWS account. After that, MiserBot can’t configure, create or delete things in your account, such as EC2 instances, S3 buckets or other types of AWS resources.

Does MiserBot support multiple AWS accounts?

Yes, but with some limitations. One user in a Slack team can only install MiserBot once per AWS account. If you have multiple AWS accounts you want MiserBot to monitor, one workaround would be to have different Slack users add MiserBot to your Slack team (each user adds MiserBot for a different AWS Account). Or install MiserBot in a different Slack team (each team for a different AWS account). We understand this is not ideal, but we're working to simplify this situation and add support for multiple AWS Accounts in a single Slack installation.

What if I have AWS Consolidated Billing?

You can install MiserBot if you have AWS Consolidated Billing. You just have to make sure that the AWS account you link to MiserBot is your AWS Payer account. If you try to install MiserBot for a linked account, it will fail due to a restriction in AWS where you can't configure Cost and Usage reports for a linked account (only for the payer account).

What IAM Permissions do I need?

In order to install MiserBot, you need to create a CloudFormation stack that creates an IAM role for the Concurrency Labs AWS account and also creates an S3 bucket in your account. Therefore, in order to install MiserBot you need full IAM permissions for: CloudFormation, S3 and IAM.

How do I uninstall MiserBot?

If you’re done with MiserBot, you can always go to the CloudFormation console and delete the stack that was created during the MiserBot installation process. This will delete the IAM role that gives MiserBot read-only permissions, therefore it will revoke all access to your AWS account.

If you want to give it another try later, you can always click on the “Add to Slack” button and follow the installation instructions again.

What if I want to talk to a human?
Easy. You can send us an e-mail at and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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